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Pallet Flow, Carton Flow, and Other Warehouse Storage Systems Supplied for Business Nationwide

Pallet Flow Systems Creative Storage Systems (CSS) provides world-class pallet flow and carton flow systems to warehouses, distribution centers, and other storage facilities looking to increase the flexibility, storage density, and throughput capacity of their racking. Our team has been creating gravity flow systems for more than 20 years, working for companies of all sizes (even Fortune 500 firms) throughout a wide range of industries. This has given our team the experience needed to quickly adapt our system to suit a wide range of warehouse environments and various types of loads, so any customer can rest assured they’ll receive a high-performance, customized system that requires minimal maintenance when they work with us.

For pallet racking, we can provide a variety of wheeled pallet flow systems that are suitable for a range of deep flow-through applications, featuring steel roller tracks capable of supporting pallets up to 5,000 lbs. and durable wheels made from a polycarbonate resin with reinforcing spokes. CSS offers both regular bearing wheels (including sealed models for specialty applications) as well as bearingless wheels for high-impact and wash-down areas. These pallet flow products can be provided in a variety of in-line or staggered flow track configurations, and we can include our specialized brake tracks to controls speeds, ensuring our systems provide safe transit without hang ups for a wide range of loads. For applications with LIFO stock rotation and non-standard pallets, CSS also offer roller pallet flow systems. These high-quality rollers can come in full-width, 2-track, or 3-track configurations with built in speed controllers to maintain safe flow rates. Their exertions can also be galvanized for corrosion resistance, and can include sealed bearings that minimize maintenance in wash down area and other specialized environments.

Along with pallet flow systems, CSS also supplies some of the most innovative and high-performance carton flow solutions in the world for pick systems. Our Dura-Flo system replaces traditional roller tracks with a series of staggered wheel assemblies, creating a uniform flow surface that supports more than 90 percent rack space utilization. These wheels assemblies snap in place into our system’s specially designed c-channels, which come with universal connection brackets for easy installation in any racking. Each axel is coated in a permanent film lubrication and fitted with a number of our polycarbonate wheels, allowing various size cartons to easily flow across the system without hang ups and with better tracking than roller systems provide. Lanes are designated using snap-in identifiers that can be easily rearranged without changes to the underlying carton flow system, making our system highly flexible and adaptable to frequent stock changes. We also offer Dura-Flo D2, a low profile system based off of the Dura-Flo design but offering better vertical clearance on shelves and more than twice the wheel coverage of the closest competitor’s system. You can even have either of these carton flow system installed on our Dura-SAM mobile carts, allowing you to easily deploy a picking station anywhere in your facility.

Receive Exceptional Service along with Your Carton Flow and Pallet Flow Systems from CSS

Carton Flow Systems

Throughout your project, CSS will provide outstanding support to ensure you get the best possible systems to suit your needs. Before building your system, we’ll extensively test a variety of solutions while simulating your warehouse conditions in our facility to determine the optimal configuration to suit your needs and racking. Our team will then build your pallet or carton flow system using parts from ISO-certified manufacturers, ensuring outstanding quality and performance for every component. We also follow CEMA safety standards for all our system designs, ensuring our solutions keep personnel and loads protected when used properly.

Our team is able to adapt our carton and pallet flow systems to fit in racking from any major manufacturer, and we’ll provide customized documentation to help ensure proper installation by your dealer. CSS will also be available throughout the process to troubleshoot any issues that arise during this process. We’re experts at developing no- or low-costs solutions on the fly and will go the extra mile to ensure that your warehouse storage systems provide the flexible, reliable performance you need. You’ll even enjoy outstanding warranty protection on all CSS pallet and carton flow products, providing assurance that your investment is safe.

To learn more about CSS’s pallet flow and carton flow systems, contact us today. We are proud to serve businesses nationwide.

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