Advantages of Pallet Flow Systems for First-in, First-Out Storage Operations

pallet flowPallet flow systems are the key to maximizing density of your first-in, first-out (FIFO) storage system. A properly designed flow rack can provide smooth and safe transit for loads across the facility, eliminating the majority of lanes throughout the warehouse and minimizing work for pallet trucks. Pallet flow racks also allow simultaneous loading and unloading to increase the efficiency and throughput, with pallets automatically shifting positions as units are unloaded.

Flow systems for FIFO storage are as diverse as the racks they’re attached to, and their performance can vary significantly depending on the loads being transported.  The flow tracks used for transporting pallets generally use either rollers or skate wheels, each with their own advantages and limitations. Full-width rollers provide a more uniform surface to hold heavier loads, but don’t allow pallets to track as well as wheels, which can lead to hang-ups. Skate wheels, on the other hand, can be configured to support a wider range of loads than rollers, however they generally support less weight.

At Creative Storage Systems (CSS), we design and build pallet flow systems for customers in a range of industries, using a range of roller and skate wheel designs. Our highly skilled engineers can analyze the load requirements and environmental conditions of any warehouse, and then optimize one of our solutions to match. Furthermore, our systems can attach to any type of warehouse racking from any manufacturer. We also only use components made by ISO-certified suppliers to ensure the durability of our systems, and we protect our flow racking products with a generous warranty.

For more information on our pallet flow system for customers throughout North America, contact us today. You can also find out about our wide selection of carton flow products for picking, assembly and other storage operations.

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